Thursday, May 25, 2017

Who Are Those Guys? ~ Rafael Luis Calvo

Born in Madrid, Spain on December 30, 1911, Rafel Luis Calvo Muñoz was the nephew of actor Ricardo Calvo (Rafael Calvo Ruiz de Morales) [1911-1966] and the older brother of writer, actor Eduardo Calvo (Eduardo Calvo Muñoz) [1918-1992. His career began shortly after the Spanish Civil War and he would go on to appear in over four dozen films, TV appearances but mainly as a Spanish voice dubber from 1944-1988. With his rich deep voice he was often called upon to provide the Spanish voice of such Hollywood stars as tars like Stewart Granger, Clark Gable (among others in What the wind took), John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Gregory Peck and Curd Jürgens, while also doubling himself in the films he played in co-production.

On September 28, 1964, while traveling on the Madrid-Barcelona highway, Calvo was involved in a terrible accident when his vehicle hit a bus that was coming in the opposite direction in the curve of entry to Calatayud. After suffering serious injuries he had to abandon his career as an actor and at the end of 1964 decided to dedicate himself solely and exclusively to the dubbing of films, in which he had already acquired a great reputation from years before. One of his last works was the dubbing of the Master Jonc in the TV series of the TV ‘Los aurones’ (1987-88). Shortly before, he had been awarded an honorary prize for Lifetime Achievement which he received from the Golden Lecterns.

Rafael Luis Calvo died in Barcelona, Spain on December 9, 1988.

CALVO, Rafael Luis (aka Rafael L. Calvo, Ralph Calvo, Raphael Luis Calvo) (Rafael Luis Calvo Muñoz) [12/30/1911, Madrid, Madrid, Spain – 12/9/1988, Barcelona, Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain] – film, TV, voice actor, son of actor Rafael Calvo (Rafael Calvo Ruiz de Morales) [1911-1966], nephew of actor Ricardo Calvo (Ricardo Calvo Agosti) [1875-1966], brother of writer, actor Eduardo Calvo (Eduardo Calvo Muñoz) [1918-1992].
The Terrible Sheriff – 1962 (Tornado)
Frontier Hellcat – 1964 [Spanish voice of Walter Barnes]
Winnetou II – 1964 [Spanish voice of Renato Baldini]
Ballad of a Bounty Hunter – 1965 (White Feather) [as Ralph Calvo]
In a Colt’s Shadow – 1965 [Spanish voice of Pepe Calvo]
Who Killed Johnny R? – 1966 [Spanish voice of Joachim Fuchsberger]
Custer of the West – 1967 [Spanish voice of Lawrence Tierney]
Guns for San Sebastian – 1968 [Spanish voice of Fernand Gravey]
Payment in Blood – 1968 [Spanish voice of Guy Madison]
Drop Them or I'll Shoot – 1969 [Spanish voice of Mario Castellani]
Sabata – 1969 [Spanish voice of Lee Van Cleef]
The Five-Man Army – 1970 [Spanish voice of James Daly]
Cannon for Cordoba – 1971 [Spanish voice of John Larch]
The Deserter – 1971 [Spanish voice of John Huston]
Four Candles for My Colt – 1971 [Spanish voice of Chris Huerta]
Long Live ... Your Death! – 1971 [Spanish voice of Eduardo Fajardo]
Return of Sabata – 1971 [Spanish voice of John Bartha]
Catlow – 1972 [Spanish voice of José Nieto]
El Condor – 1972 [Spanish voice of Patrick O’Neal]
Jesse and Lester, Two Brothers in a Town Called Trinity – 1972 [Spanish voice of Aldo Cecconio]
A Man Called Sledge – 1972 [Spanish voice of Riccardo Garrone]
Valdez is Coming – 1972 [Spanish voice of Phil Brown]
Deaf Smith and Johnny Ears – 1973 [Antonino Faa di Bruno]
Billy Two Hats – 1974 [Spanish voice of Gregory Peck]
Challenge to White Fang – 1974 [Spanish voice of Harry Carey]
The White, the Yellow, the Black – 1975 [Spanish voice of Lorenzo Robledo]
Montana Trap – 1976 [Spanish voice of Lugareno]

Special Birthdays

Flavio Bucci (actor) is 70 today.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Sad Hill Clint Eastwood y Burgos Como Testigo

Sad Hill Clint Eastwood y Burgos Como Testigo – Spanish title

A 2016 Spanish production [Fuentespina, Sad Hill (Burgos)]
Producer: Jose Carreño
Director: Carlos López Peñacoba
Screenplay: Carlos López Peñacoba
Cinematography: Anahi Merino, Carlos López Peñacoba
Music: various
Running time: 20 minutes

Story: All fans of the Euro-western genre knows Sad Hill, the cemetery created for the final duel of the movie "The Good, the Ugly and the Bad." The participants of this documentary all have something in common, they either participated in the film, were part of the rebuilding of the cemetery, or because their father was the star of the film, one, Clint Eastwood. Through their testimonies, they will give their reminiscences of the Spaghetti Western that fascinates every movie lover. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Sad Hill in 2016 the producer and director knows there are still people living who were involved in the making of the cemetery and they will tell you everything about this iconic location.

Kyle Eastwood, Sergio García, David Alba, Domingo Contreras, Eusebio Ibáñez, Abilio Abad

Special Birthdays

Ferruccio De Ceresa (actor) would have been 95 today, he died in 1993.

Sybil Danning (actress) is 70 today.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

RIP Chip Radaelli

Thomas "Chip" Radaelli passed away surrounded by friends and family on May 15, 2017. He was 69. Born November 24th, 1947, in North Adams Massachusetts, Chip moved West in 1965, and had been a resident of Corrales, NM since the early 1970's. After graduating from the UNM with a master's degree in Theater Arts, he dedicated his life to his family, his friends and his career in the Film Industry. His career spans over 40 years, 100's of movies and many locations. He was construction coordinator on Terence Hill’s 1990-1991 TV series ‘Lucky Luke’.